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Liability Exemptions is responsible only for submitting the Azerbaijan evisa application on behalf of the applicant and cannot be held responsible for the result of said application, as approval is subject to the Azerbaijani government’s authorization. cannot be held responsible for evisa applications results that are produced from providing erroneous information or from a mistake made by the applicant. is not liable should the applicant receive a visa denial due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Additionally, in the case that the applicant’s evisa is denied by the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, he/she accepts that nor the Azerbaijani Government, nor is required to provide a reason. reserves the right to cancel the registration of any applicant and to delete their personal information and application if he or she: disregards, changes or omits any part of the required procedure for registration; does not meet eligibility requirements and is therefore considered unsuitable to complete the online application; gives fraudulent or erroneous personal information or participates in any unlawful activity.


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For any questions regarding the Azerbaijan evisa application, users can contact our friendly Customer Support Team at [email protected] or +994(12)5555250.


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